Campus life changed drastically during 2020 with the onset of COVID-19. As you prepare to welcome students back in 2021. As most colleges and universities are preparing to welcome students back to campus for the upcoming school year it may be time to take a look at your fleet to ensure your campus is ready. Whether it is assessing your new fleet needs to meet sustainability goals, or just bringing your vehicles back online, Club Car is here to help.

Is your fleet ready for 2021?

One aspect that’s often neglected is the facility’s fleet of vehicles. When you need to focus on providing that sought-after, best-in-class service, it’s critical to pay attention to every last detail—and your utility fleet, already so critical to hospitality operations, is part of that.

The key to ensuring your campus ready for students return is ensuring that your transportation strategy is defined and you have the vehicles to handle day to day tasks from moving mulch for grounds maintenance, collecting waste for refuse removal, keeping your campus safe with security, or transporting student athletes in an ambulance after a game day injury.

Taking the time to work with Club Car to ensure you have the vehicles ready to do your best work is a process that takes some time up front but will boost productivity in the long run. Club Car is proud to provide fleet assessment tools to help drive productivity and sustainability.

With our diverse lineup of utility vehicles and transport vehicles we have solution for every need.


Villager 6/8

The all-new Villager 6/8 is our most stylish and sophisticated transport vehicle yet. We’ve updated one of our most popular vehicles with enhanced features and best-in-class maneuverability – allowing you to streamline your operation with comfortable, reliable student shuttles.

The new Villager 6/8 offers premium comfort and durability to move up to 8 passengers at a time. This vehicle is equipped with an updated automotive design and a spacious cabin, which provides a comfortable space for operators and ease of ingress/egress for those on board.

Carryall 500

Carryall 500 is versatile and rugged, making it a popular choice for many jobs.

With a rustproof, aircraft-grade aluminum frame, chassis, and cargo box, along with best-in-class ergonomics, the Carryall 500 is the perfect solution for your campus.


Get your fleet back up to speed with preventative Maintenance. As you prepare for your students returning to campus below, follow the below checklist to get your fleet back up and running.

Gas Vehicles

  • Examine for worn belts and hoses, replace as necessary
  • Check engine oil level, add or change if necessary
  • Clean engine cooling air intake and change air filter
  • Clean and tighten the battery terminals
  • Lubricate the shift cable pivots, and front suspension
Electric Vehicles

  • Check and water batteries
  • Examine for worn cables, replace as necessary
  • Clean and tighten the battery terminals and battery hold-downs
All Vehicles

  • Drive the car and listen for unusual noises and proper steering and braking
  • Examine and perform a front wheel alignment as necessary
  • Inflate all tires to proper psi
  • Examine and lubricate the brake system
  • Clean the vehicle using products recommended in the Owner’s manual
  • Prep the car for storage if necessary (key off, car in tow, park brake set)

Want to learn more about how our industry-leading utility vehicles can improve your transportation strategy and simplify operations? Get in touch and we’ll partner with you on the most forward-thinking, campus-friendly solutions. Contact us to learn more about a fleet assessment at your campus.