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Club Car and OMNIA Partners* make it easy to purchase fleet vehicles and reduce costs in the procurement process for government entities, colleges, universities, and non-profit organizations. 

OMNIA Partners' competitive solicitation process through a public entity and third party audits ensure participants receive the best overall value.

Our portfolio includes more than 80 models available in electric, gas or diesel, all engineered for durability, performance and sustainability.

OMNIA Partners and Club Car Carryall Utility Vehicle

*Public Sector (subsidiaries National IPA and U.S. Communities) Cooperative Purchasing Program

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View related documents for our competitively solicited contract to assist your agency. For additional information, contact us today or speak to our team:

David Peterson

Carryall 510 LSV
Carryall 300 Ambulance Utility Vehicle


Registration is simple, free, and grants access to many advantages you won't find anywhere else.

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Our Fit-to-Task series of preconfigured, application-specific vehicles takes the guesswork out of ordering the right vehicle for your specific job. Or, browse all of our commercial utility vehicle options and services available to all U.S. Communities participants.

Carryall 1700