Tempo Walk at The Dunes

A Case Study in Improved Customer Experience

Tempo Walk, Club Car’s autonomous caddie, has provided The Dunes Golf and Tennis Club, a premier 18-hole semi-private facility in Sanibel Florida, with a unique opportunity to provide golfers a new experience. Tempo Walk helps golfers enjoy walking the course with a hands-free experience, GPS yardage and an integrated cooler all while carrying your bag.

Tempo Walk allows golfers to not have to worry about pushing and pulling a handcart or carrying their clubs, they can focus on everything that first attracted them to the game: the traditions, strategy, competition, and friendship found in a foursome.

“We’ve been very pleased with our six Tempo Walk units,” said Brian Kautz, General Manager The Dunes Golf and Tennis Club. “It’s gotten people of all ages out walking, and the units are out on the course every day.”


In addition to the innovative experience, Tempo Walk provides golfers with the additional fitness benefits of walking the course. “We have a lot of golfers that count their steps and they have really enjoyed using the Tempo Walk to add to that count,” said Kautz. Golfers on average will burn roughly 1,400 calories during an 18-hole round while walking.*

“We have had golfers coming in now requesting the Tempo Walk units or even reserving them for their next round. The reception has been great,” said Kautz. “We are also seeing golfers who normally don’t walk use the units, people of all ages.”

Tempo Walk continues to help courses like the Dunes Golf and Tennis Club differentiate the experience and offer new and innovative ways to engage customers.

To learn more about Club Car’s Tempo Walk and adding it to your course, please visit the links below or contact your local Club Car representative.