The rental fleet industry is complicated. Every day, you might face broken-down vehicles, unplanned expenses, unexpected damage, and more. And when you talk to vehicle manufacturers, how many of them are speaking your language—or solving for your problems rather than trying to sell you yet another product?

To help you overcome some of your biggest pain points, we not only have the utility fleet you need, but we also offer the partnership you deserve. And while we’re constantly innovating new solutions to meet our customers’ needs, at the end of the day our job is to find ways to make your job easier.

Understanding the Challenges

It’s no secret your rental utility vehicles take a beating. After all, the operator isn’t the owner, so owner-level care and attention simply isn’t given to a rented vehicle. To manage this daily abuse, our engineers designed the Carryall 1500 and 1700 all-wheel drive vehicles with patented technology to increase durability, improve safety, and maintain a higher utilization rate than any of our competitors’ vehicles.

"These vehicles, designed for safety, simplicity, and durability, help fleet managers maintain the low cost of ownership they need, and they’re designed with demanding commercial and industrial applications in mind.”

—Mike Conley, Strategic Account Manager, Club Car Rental Division


Because we understand what your vehicles must endure, we worked side by side with rental companies and fleet managers to design our industrial rental vehicles—directly addressing the challenges of the environments in which they work, while ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Built for Hard Work from the Frame Up

Utility vehicles are expected to be tough. They’re used in demanding situations and put under a lot of pressure from road and terrain conditions, weather, debris, unskilled operators, and a host of other obstacles.

Still, most rental vehicle manufacturers build the foundation of their utility vehicles from a consumer product that is not nearly as durable or rugged as it needs to be. But our heavy-duty Carryalls are built with a rust-proof aluminum frame, IntelliTrak™ All-Wheel Drive technology, and a unique intake system that filters dirty air to extend engine life. And though it may come as a surprise that Club Car offers a 4x4 vehicle, well, just try one and see the difference for yourself.

“The Carryall is an all-wheel drive utility vehicle with high-quality construction and accessories that protect it against even the roughest renters,” said Darren McDowell, Product Manager for Club Car’s All-Wheel Drive Division. “There’s very little golf cart design or features in these products.”

"Once fleet managers have these Carryall vehicles in their arsenal, they quickly see the superior value they offer.”

—Darren McDowell, Product Manager, Club Car All-Wheel Division

Engineered for Uptime

The rigors of job site activity take their toll, which obviously impacts performance and, therefore, uptime. We’ve already mentioned some of Carryall’s unique features, but it’s worth diving deeper to understand just how they save you time and money. With the industry’s only rust-proof, aircraft-grade aluminum frame, our 4x4s are resistant to corrosion, so they stay in operation longer and continue performing at a high level. Plus, the automotive-style rear suspension provides superior traction, consistent ground clearance, and a smooth ride on the roughest terrain, giving you confidence that this utility vehicle can handle any job a customer throws at it.

Powered for Longevity

The engine is the most vital component of your utility vehicle—and the most expensive to replace. All-wheel drive Carryalls are designed to pull the cleanest air possible into the engine. Here’s how.

First, the air intake is in the front of the vehicle, high off the ground. This prevents dirty air—stirred up from the vehicle’s tires—from being pulled into the engine. Next, the air is routed through the vehicle's frame rails through a pre-filtration process, removing larger debris and dust particles as the air travels toward the engine. Finally, the air goes through a two-stage, cyclonic air filter, further filtering the air before it ever goes into the engine.

Cleaner air results in more efficient engine performance and longer engine life, which increases uptime, reduces service costs, and keeps your utility vehicles on-rent longer.

A Commitment to Parts Availability

Nothing’s quite as frustrating as parking a vehicle due to a parts delay—and one of the biggest complaints our customers have about competing vehicles is the lag time on parts. But Club Car has a 98% rate of parts availability , which means your vehicle stays on site longer and spends far less time undergoing maintenance.

“Our Carryall units don’t sit in rental yards for weeks waiting for repair,” said Conley. “The accessibility of our parts means downtime is kept to a minimum, and in the event parts are needed, we have them on hand and we get them to managers quickly and efficiently.”


We’ve shown how our vehicles outlast and outwork many on the market today, thanks to forward-thinking engineering, parts availability, and sheer ruggedness. But none of that would matter if they didn’t support the high utilization rates your business demands.

With extremely low maintenance rates, long track records of days in operation, and the backing of a company committed to not only producing high-quality vehicles but supporting healthy rental businesses, you can count on the Club Car Carryall line to deliver an ROI that’s all but unmatched in the industry today.

One fleet, one company, one goal: to keep you going.

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