Focus on the Guest Experience

with Help from a Single Source Fleet


Forget the journey: There was once a time when the destination alone was more than enough for travelers. But those days are over. Over the last several years, the hotel and resort industry has undergone a massive disruption. It’s a word used often these days as emerging competitors and industries have forced mainstay companies to think differently, and adapt their business models to a new, modern customer who wants—and expects—more.

The AirBnB Effect

For the hospitality industry, Airbnb has been that disruptor. Today’s traveler expects not only an exceptional stay, but also an entirely elevated experience. Call it the “Airbnb effect,” but guests now want the cozy, home-like, and convenient Airbnb value proposition from everyone, including traditional hotels and resorts. This expectation means that hotels and resorts must be willing and able to provide a fresh experience for guests, and the emphasis is on “experience”—it’s almost a mandate to make their stay feel unique and special. It’s a lot for many properties to manage, especially given all the other moving parts implicit in hospitality. And too often, the details that guests remember get overlooked.

The Utility Fleet's Impact

One aspect that’s often neglected is the facility’s fleet of vehicles. When you need to focus on providing that sought-after, best-in-class service, it’s critical to pay attention to every last detail—and your utility fleet, already so critical to hospitality operations, is part of that.

Connecting guests, and your business

In addition to the demanding everyday tasks your utility vehicles perform, there’s another, less common benefit the right vehicle provider can offer: connectivity.

Through target zone technology, Club Car’s passenger vehicles can message guests with points of interest, food and drink locations, and even events as they drive around the property. For the staff, “back of house” connectivity means your team can monitor, in real time, where vehicles are, if and when they need maintenance, and which staff members are currently using them. “Full service is no longer a hotel counter, concierge, or reservation desk in the lobby,” said Steve Bledsoe, Global Strategic Account Manager for Hotels & Resorts at Club Car. “(This connected technology) is what has been missing from a consistent hotel experience.”

Club Car technology provides hotels and resorts a chance to be clean, be green, and employ a nice vehicle that can help track associates and team members as well as monitor how the vehicle is being operated. When you can manage that, you have the consistency and efficiency expected from the property.”

– Steve Bledsoe, Global Strategic Account Manager for Hotels & Resorts at Club Car

What Guests See Matters

As mentioned, these are unique times in the hotel and resort industry. Customer service is 24/7, and ensuring that every element of the property is in peak condition is paramount. But what about the appearance of the fleet itself? What might arriving customers think when they see outdated, rusty, or noisy vehicles shuttling supplies—or people—from place to place?

You might think no one sees these eyesores, but they do.

The Club Car utility lineup was designed not just for durability, but also for visual appeal. Our vehicles are more than just “wheels”—they’re an integral part of your operation. The truth is that many resorts don’t think their vehicles are a problem until it’s too late—and then it becomes more time consuming and labor-intensive to fix.

Less Worry, More Uptime

Because there are so many jobs that these vehicles service, you can’t risk extended periods of downtime. And the more time you spend worrying about vehicles in need of maintenance, the less time you have to zero in on what really matters to your guests and your business growth. The most sensible solution is to partner with a single-source vehicle provider. Doing so directly addresses the problems associated with a piecemeal fleet: stripping older or out-of-use vehicles for parts, increased time spent on maintenance and repair, and the resulting lost productivity. Club Car’s utility fleet—with a vehicle suitable for every single task across your facility—ensures that your vehicles will spend more time in operation, reducing stress, increasing work time, and reducing the costly by-products of inefficient vehicles.

Custom Solutions

Club Car is well versed in the challenges you face across your operation, and we’ll partner with you to make sure your needs are met. In short, if you can dream it, we can build it: Our Custom Solutions option is one of the many benefits we offer to support your specific facility, team, and tasks. It’s important to note that “Custom Solutions” doesn’t mean “single purpose.” Even customized Club Car vehicles are designed to perform several functions, helping resorts deliver the unique, customer-focused experience that’s vital to their businesses.

“ One example we’ve designed is an ADA vehicle that is unlike anything else. While its focus is on transportation and serving customers, it can also move products and supplies if you currently don’t have any guests requiring ADA or wheelchair assistance.”

– Steve Bledsoe

The Customer Comes First

Worrying about unreliable vehicles means you’re distracted from what’s most important: improving the customer experience. In this ever-changing industry, being one step ahead of disruption requires nailing all the details, so that your guests leave with nothing but great memories. Working with Club Car to implement a single-source fleet of vehicles not only supports your bottom line, but it also improves the guest experience functionally and aesthetically.

Delivering on guests’ high expectations while effectively managing a fleet from all angles will keep your operation running smoothly—and show guests they are still Priority No. 1.

Want to learn more about how our industry-leading utility vehicles can improve your guest experience and simplify operations? Get in touch and we’ll partner with you on the most forward-thinking, customer-friendly solutions.

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