Club Car Urban Electric UTV helps support Postnord in sustainable logistics, even in extreme cold.

PostNord is a leading provider of parcel and logistics solutions to, from and within the Nordic region. Their mission is to make everyday life easier, and they aim to be the leader in sustainable logistics. Following a long tradition of systematic improvements in sustainability performance, PostNord have committed to an ambitious agenda to drive the transition in the entire transport sector.

To meet this challenge, Postnord has deployed over 5,000 electric vehicles in their fleet of 12,000, including approximately 1,000 Garia Utility vehicles, now part of the Club Car Group. These vehicles are mainly used for last-mile delivery in urban areas and city centers, where they have proven to be efficient and reliable.

One of the most remarkable features of the Garia Utility vehicles is their ability to operate in the harshest of conditions. Despite the extreme cold climate, these vehicles can operate throughout the day and recharge overnight.

“The reliability of Garia Utility vehicles is crucial as they make around 700 stops and starts a day in often extreme cold,” says Søren Rathmann, Category Manager of Fleet & Transport Equipment, Postnord.

Garia won the tender not just for the price of the vehicles but also for the total cost of ownership, which includes service and reliability with minimum downtime, and the need to meet sustainability goals. 

According to Rathmann, Garia has designed a tough vehicle for utility purposes that can handle the challenging environment, making it a valuable asset to the company.

Rathmann continued, “. They are particularly useful in areas where other vehicles cannot go, such as restricted areas, enabling Postnord to exceed customer delivery expectations. With 6 to 8 service technicians covering over 100 service points, Garia has proven to be a reliable partner for Postnord.” 

 Postnord's commitment to sustainability, coupled with their partnership with Garia, has supported to meet their carbon reduction goals but has also helped them to exceed customer expectations. With their relentless pursuit of excellence, Postnord is the Nordic leader in logistics, mail, and parcel services.  These utility vehicles are available globally under the Club Car Urban platform.