The Club Car Urban is available in 2 versions: XR non street legal and LSV street legal that includes 3-pt seatbelts, mirrors, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, and a horn, plus an in-dash storage compartment and backup camera system.

Urban electric truck with bed lift
Urban electric truck with pick up bed
Urban electric truck with van box
urban electric truck with van box rear view
urban electric truck with van box rear view with doors open
Urban electric truck front view
3D Views:
  • up to 25 mph
  • AC drivetrain


Driven by excellence, committed to your safety.

Meet Club Car's new lineup of electric utility vehicles. Efficient, safe and green, Club Car Urban vehicles integrate form and function into eco-friendly, crash-tested vehicles that help you to get the job done. Embrace comfort for long days on the road by driving a compact design with agile handling to navigate tight spaces while carrying a payload of up to 2204 lbs.

What Sets the Urban Apart From the Rest?

With a variety of power options, a wide range of uses on and off the street, to vehicle replacement and a fully customized configuration, the Club Car Urban is in a class of its own. Different options allow the user to tailor the Urban to their specific needs. Multiple bed configurations are easy to order and come prepped and ready to go. Storage options are wide ranging and versatile to accommodate a wide variety of different sized goods.



Club Car Urban vehicles used for last-mile delivery in urban areas/city centers have the ability to operate in extremely cold climates - operating throughout the day and recharging overnight. Read more in our article: Supporting Sustainable Logistics with Postnord.

Club Car Urban electric delivery truck


Club Car Urban  XR (Non Street Legal) and Urban LSV (Street Legal) Configurations

Club Car Urban XR logo

Standard Features
(both XR and LSV Models)


  • All Season Road Tires
  • Premium Instrument Cluster
  • Headlights
  • Rear Lights
  • Horn
  • Bench Seat
  • Lockable Storage Locker
  • Dash Storage Compartment
  • Automatic Parking Brake
  • 3-Point Seat Belts
  • Reverse Buzzer
  • Speed Switch
  • White body color
  • Rear Bumper
Club Car Urban LSV logo

LSV Standard Features
(LSV Only)

< All of this PLUS

  • Deluxe Cab Pack (sun visors, 12V outlet, interior light) 
  • Heated Front Windshield
  • Windshield Wiper and Washer
  • Acoustic Vehicle Alert System – LSV US & Canada regulation
  • Backup camera with screen in cab
options list for Urban electric truck

Additional Options

< Choose XR or LSV & ADD

  • Rear Hinged Glass Doors with Sliding Windows
  • Wide Body Kit with Turf Tires
  • Wide Body Kit with Rough Terrain Tires
  • Auxiliary Lighting Socket and Tow Ball
  • Tow Ball Only
  • Adjustable Twin seats
  • Electric Cab Heater
  • Diesel Heater (not available in California)
  • Bluetooth Stereo with USB Charging and Speakers
  • Power Steering
  • Built-in Dash Refrigerator
  • Roof Mounted LED Flashing Beacon
  • Roof Mounted Work Light – FRONT
  • Roof Mounted Work Light – REAR
  • First Aid Kit with Bracket
  • Fire Extinguisher with Bracket
  • Brush Guard
  • Warning Safety Triangle
  • Side protecting Nerf Bars
  • Electric Bed Lift
  • Rear Cabin Window

Three Tire Options to Fit Your Needs

The Club Car Urban offers versatility with its three distinct tire options: standard, all-terrain, and turf.

Standard tires ensure a smooth ride with reliable traction on various surfaces. The all-terrain tires boast rugged durability, perfect for navigating rough terrain and handling heavy loads with ease. Meanwhile, turf tires are designed to minimize impact on delicate grassy areas, making them ideal when preserving the environment is paramount. 

Whatever the setting demands, the Club Car Urban's tire options deliver the performance you need.


Urban small electric pickup truck bed options

Pickup Bed (3 Size Options)

Urban small electric pickup truck bed options

Van Box (2 Size Options)

Urban small electric pickup truck bed options

Pickup Bed with Mesh Cage (2 Size Options)

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Experience the Club Car difference! The Urban is a one-of-a-kind vehicle poised to replace any full-sized truck fleet with its maneuverability, comfort, carrying capacity, power options, versatility, and more. Demo the Urban and feel the difference for yourself!






  • Dimensions
       XR  LSV
     143 in   143 in 
    Width (w/ w.o. mirrors):    69 in / 54 in   69 in / 54 in 
    Height:  74 in 74 in
    Wheelbase: 108 in 108 in
    Load bed length:       64 in 64 in
  • Performance
       XR  LSV
    Top Speed:  19 mph   25 mph
    Turning Radius:  168 in  168 in
    Operating grade:   < 20%  < 20% 
  • Equipment
       XR   LSV
    Backup Camera:  Optional  Standard
    Hydraulic brake system:
     Disc front, Drums rear  Disc front, Drums rear
    Electronic Parking Brake:  Standard  Standard
    Complete exterior light package:   Standard  Standard
    Chassis:   Steel, Hot Dip Galvanized  Steel, Hot Dip Galvanized
     Tires:   165/70 R13  165/70 R13  
    Electric or Diesel Cabin Heater:  Optional Optional
  • Motor
       XR   LSV
    Motor 48V:  High efficient 3-phase AC engine  High efficient 3-phase AC engine
    Continuous power (60 min):  8 kW / 10.7Hp  8 kW / 10.7Hp
    Peak power:  14.3 kW / 19.2 Hp  14.3 kW / 19.2 Hp
    Motor controller:   Curtis 350 A  Curtis 350 A
  • Bed Options
    Pickup Bed:
    Fixed or Tilt Pickup (1.6m) = 50.04 in W x 65.87 in L x 17.72 in H
      Fixed (2.1m) = 50.04 in W x 85.63 in L x 17.72 in H
    Van Box: Fixed Van Box (2.1m) = 51.18 in W x 64.96 in L x 46.85 in H
      Fixed (2.8m) = 51.18 in W x 85.24 in L x 46.85 in H
    Pickup with Mesh Cage:  Fixed (1.6m) = 50.04 in W x 65.87 in L x 73.9 in H
      Fixed (2.1m) = 50.04 in W x 85.63 in L x 73.9 in H
  • Batteries
       XR    LSV
    Standard Battery:  FLA T145 Heavy Duty   FLA T145 Heavy Duty 
     Lithium Battery Options:  9.2kWh / 180ah  9.2kWh / 180ah
       10.2kWh / 200ah (with Heating Blanket)   10.2kWh / 200ah (with Heating Blanket)
       12.2kWh / 240ah  12.2kWh / 240ah
    Range (lithium 12.2kWh):  Up to 62 miles  Up to 62 miles
  • Warranty
      XR  LSV
    Vehicle frame:   5 years 5 years
    Suspension and equipment:   3 years 3 years
    Trojan FLA batteries:  3 years  3 years
    9kwh or 12 kwh lithium batteries:  5 years 5 years
    10 kwh lithium battery with warming blanket (cold climates):  4 years 4 years
  • What is a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV)?

    The Urban LSVs come standard with street legal safety and cab features such as 3-pt seatbelts, head and tail lights, mirrors, backup camera system, AVAS, windshield wipers, heated windscreen, rear bulkhead glass, automatic park brake, speed switch, premium instrument cluster, and lockable storage.

    All LSV vehicles must meet all U.S. federal safety standards (FMVSS 500) which require a registered VIN number, automotive safety windshield glass, safety belts, turn signals, headlamps, brake lights, horn, mirrors, reflex reflectors, a parking brake and a rear view camera. They also must meet state and local laws which can include windshield wipers and warning beacons.

    In addition to federal, local and state laws the Society of Automotive Engineers created a voluntary industry standard for LSVs with SAEJ2358 LSV. This voluntary safety standard includes additional detailed requirements.

    Club Car LSVs meet not only FMVSS500 LSV standards but also fully comply with the more stringent automotive SAEJ2358 standards with the inclusion of Occupant Protective Structures on all cars.

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