Maneuverability, Payload, Performance

King & George | Walter Reed Medical Center

Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, MD provides full hospital services for all military branches. King & George, LLC is the HVAC contractor for the medical center and surrounding campus. King & George has 16 on-site employees, organized in 8 two-person crews, servicing all HVAC needs. Each crew requires a vehicle with a tool box to move materials and perform service or installation for HVAC both indoors and outdoors.

  • Walter Reed is currently shifting away from small utility vehicles (UTVs) to low speed vehicles (LSVs) that can replace both UTVs and larger trucks.
  • The medical campus has many access roads, and on-site HVAC service technicians require a vehicle with increased mobility over a full-size truck, operating both indoors and outdoors, with the payload capacity to to carry heavy equipment daily.
  • King & George needed LSVs that could work in small confined spaces and chose electric to save on operating costs as well as boost sustainability. 



Since deploying the Club Car 411 in their fleet, King & George has seen daily benefits over the utility vehicles they previously operated. The 411 vehicles have ample cargo capacity with the ability to carry over 1000 lbs. This allows the technicians to carry all the equipment and parts required during the day to execute their tasks.

King & George acquired eight Club Car 411 LSV pick-up vehicles through Kohler Equipment. The LSV designation allows the vehicles to be driven both on access roads and public roads posted 35mph or less. These purpose-built LSVs were instantly well-received by the technicians.

“The Club Car 411 is a purpose-built LSV that allows us to carry more cargo and perform our jobs more quickly and easily than does a small utility vehicle. The enclosed cabs provide more comfort during inclement weather, and the flexible bed allows for toolboxes and parts to be loaded with ease. In addition, the electric drivetrain provides plenty of range for a full day of work and the simplicity of recharging every evening.”

-King & George Technician


King & George has deployed eight Club Car 411 vehicles and been able to streamline their operations by reducing their cost of ownership without compromising performance. The 411 has the power and payload capacity to tackle any job at Walter Reed Medical Center and the LSV designation ensures technicians arrive to the jobsite safely.

The Club Car 411 continues to change the way campuses and facilities are deploying their fleet. The 411 provides sustainable electric transportation with the ability to preplace full-size trucks. See how Club Car 411 can improve your operations.