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For over 60 years, Club Car has been committed to delivering you the best small-wheeled vehicle in the market. Whether you’re playing the course or cruising the neighborhood, Club Car vehicles are designed and engineered for safety, reliability, and longevity. Get behind the wheel with confidence.


Club Car engineers our vehicles with your safety and security top-of-mind. The moments you never expect are the ones that can matter the most.

Tight, responsive steering and cornering. Reliable braking and stability. Brighter headlights. These are just a few key benefits of Club Car vehicles that provide you with peace of

Club Car vehicles are meticulously engineered to meet or exceed both small-wheeled and automotive safety standards alike. Not all brands are built alike, ride with confidence, ride with Club Car.

What Sets Us Apart?


Club Car vehicles are engineered and rigorously tested to withstand a variety of everyday obstacles. Our rustproof aircraft-grade aluminum chassis will last the lifetime of your vehicle. Featuring a proprietary suspension system that provides superior handling and ride quality. Automotive-inspired design, scratch-resistant plastics, hidden wiring, and any number of other details ensure that your vehicle stays at its best, year after year.



Club Car lithium batteries stand out from competitors due to their innovative design and superior performance. They offer longer lifespan, faster charging times, and consistent
power delivery throughout the entire discharge cycle.

Our lithium batteries outperform other brands in both hill climb performance and efficiency. As well as featuring a sturdy metal case, increasing safety while reducing maintenance requirements.

Club Car Legacy


Headquartered in Augusta, Georgia, Club Car is proud to support our local economy by providing hundreds of jobs for the community and surrounding area.

Designed and assembled at our Augusta campus, with over 80% of components sourced in the USA, Club Car is responsibly creating vehicles that are trusted by professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Trade in and trade up with confidence. Whether you’ve been driving your car for 3 years or 30 years, Club Car vehicles boast an industry-leading resale value.

Our vehicles are proven to stand the test of time. You will see many still in operation after decades of use.


At Club Car, our support extends far beyond just vehicles. Backed by our world-class dealer network and industry-leading parts and labor warranty, you can rely on expert guidance and assistance at every stage. Whether you need help with your vehicle, have questions about maintenance, or require parts, our team is here to ensure your confidence in the long-term reliability and support of your vehicle.

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