The 2021 Sustainability Grant Offers Colleges and Universities the Opportunity to Earn a Club Car Vehicle to Advance Campus Sustainability Efforts and Reduce Carbon Emissions.

The 2021 Club Car Sustainability Grant is officially live and accepting applications from colleges and universities in the United States. 2021 marks the third year for the Club Car Sustainability Grant as Club Car is proud to provide products and services to assist colleges and universities to reduce their carbon footprint through electrification of the campus fleet.

The 2021 Sustainability Grant program builds on the successes of the two previous Sustainability Grant winners, Cal State Fullerton and The College of Charleston, who have added zero-emission electric Club Car vehicles to their fleet.

The 2021 Club Car Sustainability Grant challenges decision-makers on college campuses to think critically about their vehicle emissions and fleet needs on campus. The majority of the world’s emissions can be attributed to the transportation sector and adding zero-emission electric vehicles (EVs) can help drive to a more sustainable future. Club Car is proud to help colleges and universities meet their ambitious sustainability goals.

“We are excited to launch the 2021 Club Car Sustainability Grant for the third year in a row,” said Kathryn Sterba, Higher Education Marketing Leader at Club Car. “The grant provides tangible solutions to add zero-emissions vehicles to fleets across the country and sets a blueprint for how to move to a more sustainable future and think critically about campus fleet planning.”


The College of Charleston won the 2020 Club Car Sustainability Grant and selected the versatile Club Car 411 (now Club Car Current) to aid in their journey to carbon neutrality.

“We have been extremely pleased with our Club Car 411” said Darcy Everett, Climate Manager and Zero Waste Coordinator at the College of Charleston Center of Sustainability. “The ability to add a zero emissions electric vehicle to replace one of our pickup trucks has allowed us to continue our sustainability journey.”

The 411 has been serving the school throughout 2020 and has been a very welcomed addition. “The 411 has been perfectly suited for our campus as we have many small access roads in a tight urban environment and the 411 provides plenty of range and to perform all the tasks needed day in and day out” said Everett.


The inaugural winner of the Club Car Sustainability Grant was Cal State Fullerton who received a custom waste management Carryall 710.

One of Cal State Fullerton’s key priorities was to institute a “closed-loop” waste reduction system that will divert more than 2,000 pounds of compostable food waste weekly from its main dining area to the Fullerton Arboretum. Yet they didn’t have an electric vehicle that could handle the collection, transport, and dumping of this food waste in the Arboretum’s designated area (which lies in hilly and often rough terrain).

With the introduction of the high dump Carryall 710, Cal State Fullerton has been able to address that need and can now easily transport compostable waste with their Club Car Carryall.


Club Car offers a full line of Carryall utility and transport vehicles, including a range of EVs, for a wide variety of functions on campus – from building management to landscaping to athletics. The grant program was originally launched to connect sustainability and fleet decision-makers, and to help them overcome the perpetual challenge of finding the time and resources to explore new transportation options.

“We continue to see more interest in the grant each year and are even more excited to see the solutions we can provide to the 2021 applicants including our newest vehicle the Club Car Current.” Said Sterba.

The all new Club Car Current launched in June of 2021 is ideal for low-speed logistics and cargo services, it has the agility and versatility that’s essential in a campus environment, filling the gap between full-sized trucks and small utility carts.

Through the program, Club Car will award:

  • One applicant with a grant to be used for the purchase of a customized Club Car vehicle, a value up to $10,000.
  • Three applicants with a comprehensive transportation fleet audit, which provides a department-by-department review of current vehicles, a survey of when and how those vehicles are used, and an analysis of the environmental and economic impact of updating and right-sizing fleets with electric utility vehicles.

Schools must submit an application by October 20, 2021, to be eligible for a grant, answering questions about their campus fleet, sustainability strategy and how transportation can support environmental goals.