College of Charleston Wins  2020 Club Car Sustainability Grant Program

Electric Club Car 411 added to Fleet to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Club Car has selected the College of Charleston as the winner of the 2020 Club Car Sustainability Grant Program. The Club Car Sustainability Grant was launched in 2019 to help drive colleges and universities toward more sustainable, low carbon fleets. 

Sustainability practices that are identified and implemented on higher education campuses can inform what is possible in cities and states nationwide. The majority of the world’s emissions can be attributed to the transportation sector and adding zero emission electric vehicles (EVs) can help drive to a more sustainable future. Club Car is proud to help colleges and universities meet their ambitious sustainability goals. 

The 2020 Club Car Sustainability Grant challenged decision-makers on college campuses to think critically about their vehicle emissions and fleet needs on campus.

After much deliberation the College of Charleston has been selected as the 2020 Club Car Sustainability Grant winner. The College of Charleston’s Center for Sustainable Development operates under a Strategic Action Plan centered on achieving carbon neutrality by the year 2050. 

Transportation, including campus fleet, travel and commuting, is the second largest category of emissions for the College, and so provides a huge area of opportunity. The campus transportation fleet is made up of a wide variety of vehicles, from box trucks to passenger vans to golf cars, all serving unique roles on campus. Since setting its carbon neutrality target, the campus has employed a range of innovative strategies targeting transportation.

Enter the Club Car 411

The College of Charleston’s carbon neutrality goal cannot be met without a carbon neutral transportation strategy. College of Charleston’s goal is to move all transportation-related activities to clean, carbon neutral alternatives. College of Charleston has selected a Club Car 411 pickup bed vehicle to perform a multitude of tasks. 

“We are extremely excited about our new Club Car 411” said Darcy Everett, Climate Manager and Zero Waste Coordinator at the College of Charleston Center of Sustainability. “The ability to add a zero emissions electric vehicle to replace one of our pickup trucks allows us to continue our sustainability journey.” 

The Club Car 411 utility vehicle is the compact all-electric vehicle designed with campus logistics in mind. Ideal for low-speed logistics and cargo services, it fills the gap between full-sized trucks and small utility carts.

“The 411 will be perfectly suited for our campus as we have many small access roads in a tight urban environment,” said Everett. 

“The ability to add a zero emissions electric vehicle to replace one of our pickup trucks allows us to continue our sustainability journey.”

Sustainability Commitment

As College of Charleston strives to reach its goal of carbon neutrality, Club Car will be right beside the staff, providing electric vehicle solutions for the campus. The Club Car 411 is the first step in a partnership to continue sustainability initiatives at College of Charleston. 

Follow us as we work with College of Charleston to meet the needs of its students, staff, and community in innovative and meaningful ways. Need help meeting your own sustainability goals? Get in touch and we’ll work together to find the right solutions for your campus.