Street Legal, Low Speed Golf Cars

Choose the practical alternative for those short, everyday excursions with the eco-friendly, economical cars in the Villager Low-Speed Vehicle series. These personal tranportation vehicles are perfect for driving to the golf course, taking friends to your favorite neighborhood restaurant or zipping to the gym for a workout.


Whether you choose the Villager 2 or one of the larger 2+2 models, you’ll get a car that offers much more than convenience and fun: It doesn’t require fuel, it operates quietly, it’s easy to recharge and it cost pennies per day to operate.

Villager 2 street-legal low speed vehicle

Villager 2 LSV

The Villager 2 LSV operates quietly, it’s easy to recharge and it cost only pennies per day to operate.

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Villager 2+2 street-legal golf cart

Villager 2+2 LSV

The 2+2 LSV is perfect for driving family and friends to the golf course, the park or your favorite restaurant.

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villager 2 plus 2 lx lsv street legal golf cart

Villager 2+2 LX LSV

Upgrade your ride with features such as alloy wheels, two-tone seats, a custom dash and other accessories. 

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