Mobile Merchandising

Club Car understands your potential for revenue beyond what’s collected for the round, and with customers in your care for hours, look to us for the vehicles and technology that make the most of this opportunity.


High-margin items like cigars, golf balls, craft beers and energy drinks improve the margin on the balance sheet. Let Club Car move more of these goods aboard our smart food and beverage solutions. Your inventory rides securely and displays attractively. Coupled with Visage™ Mobile Golf Information System, Club Car’s refreshment vehicles go where they’re dispatched saving you man-hours, fuel and increasing top line revenue.


Café Express mobile merchandising vehicle

Café Express

The Café Express features display space specifically designed to encourage impulse buying and increase profits.

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Carryall 500 with Portable Refreshment Center mobile merchandising vehicle

Carryall 500 with PRC

Our Portable Refreshment Center (PRC) is a fast and easy way to ring up sales.

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See all our golf course operation support

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See how we support all aspects of a successful golf operation front front to back.

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Increase sales and efficiency

Totally redesigned to improve merchandising, lower operating costs and increase sales, Café Express accelerates on-course revenue growth.

• Super efficient, 14-hp rated EFI engine consumes 50% less fuel
• Comes standard with two Cambro Beverage Containers; Air Pot; Condiment/Liquor Storage; Solid Windshield; Canopy Halogen Headlights
• 120% increase in consumable ice capacity
• 256-can capacity



The Revolution Begins—Club Car

Club Car’s® motivation has always pushed beyond simply moving golfers and gear around the course. We vowed long ago to be an essential contributor to our customers’ profitability, and this commitment has kept us - and you - in front of every significant advance in the industry. Now, as ever, your success drives our innovation.