Carryall 700

Bigger, stronger, and more versatile than ever.

Carryall 700
Carryall 700

From ambulance applications to serious work truck setups, the Carryall 700 can be configured to meet your distinctive needs. With more cargo space and load capacity than any other Carryall product, it takes your hauling capabilities to another level.

At nearly six feet long, the Carryall 700 can be equipped with a cab, custom van box and other options to make it an economical alternative to a full-sized van or pickup truck. Schools and municipalities use it as a medical services vehicle; it’s ideal for carrying two trainers and their gear into tight spaces.

Fit-to-Task Equipment

We've listened to your feedback, and now ordering the right equipment and accessories has never been easier. With our Fit-to-Task series, you'll get the right vehicle outfitted for your specific needs and with faster turnaround time.

Carryall 700 F2T Fit to Task Vehicle


Carryall 700

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