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Carryall 300 small utility vehicle

Carryall 700 small utility vehicle

built for work

Competitive vehicles are often built for recreational use, with steel frames that rust, hazardous speeds of up to 50 mph and suspension systems designed for hustle, not for carrying loads.

Carryall two-wheel drive work utility vehicles solve those problems with:

Rustproof Aluminum Frames. The frames withstand water, chemicals and salt found on resorts, campuses and other sites, yet their exclusive I-beam design lets them resist impact better than steel frames.

Suspension Systems Engineered to Carry Loads. That means more cargo, fewer round trips, less wasted time.

Safe Maximum Speeds of 25 mph or Less.

Best-in-Class Electric Models. Smart onboard chargers and reel retractors issue alerts to prevent common user errors and let you charge at any 110-volt outlet. Most electric models feature 500-amp controllers that carry or tow more weight than competitive vehicles with 350- or 400-amp controllers.

Gasoline Vehicles with Unsurpassed Power and Fuel Efficiency. Our single-cylinder overhead cam engines with electronic fuel injection improve power, torque and hill-climbing ability, yet use much less fuel than competitive vehicle.  

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Club Car 4x2 small utility vehicles

fit to task

We listened to those who use our vehicles on an everyday basis, learning about pain points and how we can make things easier.

Introducing our Fit-to-Task series of application-specific, work-ready vehicles outfitted for specific challenges. Take out the guesswork, reduce wait time, and boost your fleet's efficiency.

Carryall 100

Ideal for light work and as a general transport vehicle, the Carryall 100 provides great value for the price.

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Carryall 300

Strength and durability are the hallmarks of the Carryall 300, the most economical vehicle in its class.

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Carryall 700

Equipped with a cab and a custom van box, the Carryall 700 is an economical alternative to a van or pickup.

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Carryall 1500 2WD

Features an optional 1,500 pound bed capacity while riding tires made for the road or the turf.

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Haul bigger loads with the Carryall 500, featuring an expanded bed and a 1,500-pound combined gross vehicle capacity.

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Carryall 550

Conquer difficult terrain with the Carryall 550, featuring the most ground clearance in its class with legendary reliability.

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view 4x4 utility

Looking for more hauling campacity that rivals a work truck? Take a look at our 4x4 utility vehicles.

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