Fleet gps location, management, and messaging for member carts

Manage and Maintain Your Fleet, as Well as Your Members' Private Carts

Enhance your golfers’ experiences and your course operations through tracking, control, and messaging to private golf cars with Club Car Connectivity.

Golf fleet gps location and management for private golf carts

Easy Operation

Dealer install of Club Car Connect creates a turnkey experience through which golf courses can track their fleets and private carts to ensure pace of play is maintained and ghost rounds are avoided.

Protect Your Assets

Through the integrated Visage Control Center, golf courses can set up action zones and prohibit cars from entering restricted zones to protect the golf course and minimize repair costs.

Increased Revenue

Tournament play, course promotions, and food and beverage sales are available through connectivity to increase revenue and enhance play.

Enhanced Communication

Gain the ability to communicate weather and pace of play alerts with golfers in personal golf cars.

Personal golf cart control and location tracking

Good for Your Course, Good for Your Golfers

Golf Club Member Vehicle Tracking and Control


  • Real-time tracking of private carts & fleet carts
  • Private carts included in pace of play notices
  • Protect course from unauthorized use after hours

Member Golf Cart Tracking

Car Control

  • Reduce operating expenses & grounds maintenance costs through tracking and control
  • Ability to communicate and promote to private cars
  • Protect restricted areas from private car access

Messaging and Advertising to Golf Club Member Carts

Increased revenue and easier operations

  • Increased revenue through food & beverage sales, course promotions, & tournament play
  • Enhanced value for trail fees and course fees already being charged
  • WiFi access for action zone updates, software updates

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