"visage has helped us do things we didn't think were possible."

-Lou Miller, Old Edwards Club


Visage Fleet Management is a proven technology focused on building relationships with golfers.  It also brings an exclusive way to:

  • Monitor the health of your fleet
  • Maintain course boundries
  • Improve pace of play
  • Communicate directly to vehicles

When paired with Shark Experience, the system connects golfers and the course in a whole new way. 

Club Car's Visage mobile information system for golf course management

car tracking

  • Real-time vehicle position
  • Pace of play
  • Vehicle drive history
  • Locate a car functionality
  • Real-time messaging
Club Car's Visage mobile information system for golf course management helps reduce expenses

car control

  • Action zone speed control
  • Action zone messaging
  • Fleet lockdown
  • Geofencing
  • Cart path only
  • Anti-tamper functionality
  • Set maximum speeds
  • In-car notifications
Club Car's Visage mobile information system helps increase revenue for golf course operators


  • Included free in Car Tracking or Car Control modules
  • Real-time battery status
  • On-charge status
  • Low battery notifications
  • Fault code notifications
  • Odometer
  • Amp hours reporting
  • Charge faults/interrupts
Club Car's Visage and Shark Experience combine to deliver a better golf experience for guests

add ons

  • Tournament Connect
  • Mobile app
  • Food and Beverage

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