Get essential connectivity and total fleet management

with Visage LT™

Visage LT fleet management for golf courses, gps fleet tracking

Control Costs &  Manage Your Fleet— With Zero Compromise

Visage LT offers a low-risk investment, high reward solution for seamless connectivity. 

Course managers can monitor their fleets from anywhere, control where the cars can and can't go and give golfers distance to the pin for an overall enhanced experience in managing your fleet and controlling costs.


Visage LT’s cost-controlling software gives course managers the power to track their fleets, improve pace of play, and efficiently maintain car performance. Plus, with always-on tech support, they can trust the technology to work without hassle. 


Designed to give course managers oversight over all vehicles, the Visage LT control center makes it easy to set up restricted areas around boundaries or hazards—protecting vehicles and the course from harm and minimizing the cost of repairs.


Using its GPS locator, Visage LT displays accurate yardage and enables course officials to send notifications to golfers regarding dangerous weather or when a car enters a restricted zone in order to help maintain pace of play for more pleasant, successful rounds.

golf cart location tracking

Car tracking

  • Real-time vehicle position
  • Pace of play
  • Vehicle drive history
  • Locate a car functionality
  • Real-time messaging
golf cart location control | cart path only

Car control

  • Action zone speed control
  • Action zone messaging
  • Fleet lockdown
  • Geofencing
  • Cart path only
  • Anti-tamper functionality 
  • Set maximum speeds
  • In-car notifications 
golf cart battery status notifications


  • Included free in Car Tracking or Car Control modules
  • Real-time battery status
  • On-charge status
  • Low battery notifications
  • Fault code notifications
  • Odometer
  • Amp hours reporting
  • Charge faults/interrupts
distance to the pin


  • GPS yardage
    - Center of green and distance to pin

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