personal golf cart accessories

Bluetooth speakers

Sometimes, adding that one perfect item to customize your Club Car makes all the difference. Others, it's the joy of perfecting your own vehicle and showcasing your style.

No matter who you are, use genuine Club Car parts and accessories to ensure quality and reliability. From custom wheels and tires, luxury seats, upgraded lights, Bluetooth speakers (pictured left), and more to the work-ready UTV additions your vehicle or fleet may need, choosing authentic Club Car parts makes all the difference.

Choose from hundreds of PTV, utility, and golf cart accessories to improve and maintain your Club Car from your authorized Club Car dealer.

wheels and tires

Your look, your style. And it starts with a durable, safe tire to highlight your car. We understand a great tire produces a better driving experience, but it has to look the part, too. All of our tires meet stringent standards for stability and durability and feature premium compounds for increased tread life.

A Club Car exclusive, the Kraken® features a PATENT PENDING tread pattern that provides off-road grip while reducing road noise. It's also ozone tested, weather-rot resistant, and pairs well on our approved lift kits. Our Loadstar® by Kenda presents the highest ground clearance for a golf cart without using a lift kit and boasts an industry-proven tread pattern to go with a different look. And the C254, which gives a lower street profile on your Club Car to go with higher on-street performance...with 12'' wheels.

For a different look, our gloss-black finished Atlas wheels provide three different sizes: 10x7, 12x7, and 14x7 with an included universal chrome center cap. They pass the SAE automotive aftermarket's standard for durability, feature an offset design that creates a simpler install on our new electric 4-inch lift kit, and represent the perfect highlight to any golf car.

Golf cart tires and wheels are popular accessory choices from Club Car

You can choose your favorite accessories, colors, seats, and more and build the perfect vehicle for you and your family – all online! Get started building your Onward®.

Precedent golf cart lift kit, available from Club Car.

lift kit

Lifted looks - and drives - better.

Providing a sporty look, smoother ride, and greater stability, Club Car lift kits offer superior handling vs. competitive kits when evaluated using National Highway Transportation Safety Administration testing. And with a wide track width and longer wheelbase, you can fit up to 23'' tires to customize your ride even more.

Strengthened A-Arms, improved control arm mounts, and improved components make installing a lift kit a great option.

Talk to your local dealer about your available options today!

A local, authorized Club Car dealer provides you everything you need to outfit your vehicle just the way you want. Find one near you, or contact us to see how we can help today.

seats and colors

Don't choose between style and substance - enjoy the best of both! Club Car's wide range of color choices in both seats and body color provides an easy way to stand out from the crowd and reflect your personality.

Premium golf cart seats provide high-quality, comfortable rides with different color combinations available. These plush seats make it easier to relax and enjoy the ride, whether around the neighborhood or to the nearby store.

When combined with our crisp, automotive-quality body finishes that boast best-in-class durability and rich shine, it's the perfect way to highlight your ride. And our metallic bodies bring an additional "Wow!" factor, with a multi-coat process for enhanced luster and protection.

Available colors include sapphire, mocha, platinum, cashmere, candy apple, and more.


Choose premium golf cart seats and colors for your golf cart

Metallic paint color options available on Club Car vehicles

Take advantage of special pricing and get the Club Car you've been looking for today!

Only trust genuine Club Car parts and accessories for your vehicle. From seats, tires, wheels, and colors to much more!

Your Club Car is built upon legendary quality and our commitment to using the best parts throughout the vehicle. It's the little things that take your golf cart or utility vehicle from good to great, and everything we manufacture is done with you in mind. You expect the best, and we love giving that to you in every part of our vehicles.

That's why we recommend using genuine Club Car parts, accessories, and service at all times. While other aftermarket retailers may have parts that that can fit our vehicles, they can easiliy compromise the quality and integrity you trust - devaluing your car in the process.

Choose authentic Club Car parts and service, and expect nothing but the best.