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Club Car electric or gas golf carts and personal transportation vehicles offer top notch quality and unparalleled versatility. By fusing automotive-quality materials with dynamic power options and sleek designs, each PTV delivers the experience you’d expect from the best golf carts in the industry.

With the completely customizable Onward, you can design a car that not only gets you where you’re going, but matches your style and personality along the way. Crafted for comfort, performance and style, customize your Onward with dozens of options like colors, seats, wheels and accessories. For ultimate power and hill-climbing performance, choose the Onward HP or HP Lithium-Ion. Club Car has created a vehicle specifically engineered to fit your every adventure, on the golf course or off.

Explore our lineup of golf cars with powertrain options including gas or electric with flooded lead acid or lithium ion batteries.

Personal Transport

PTVs: Onward® & V4L

The Onward encourages families and friends to come together and enjoy the outdoors. It’s comfortable and practical, yet fun and stylish. With best-in-class proprietary suspension on lifted models and legendary Club Car manufacturing, the only thing your perfect Onward is missing is a personal touch with our Onward golf cart accessories.

The V4L is outfitted with premium comfort and quality, with the same suspension and rear seats as lifted Onwards at an incredible value price.

Whether you're exploring new horizons or simply escaping the ordinary, the Onward is crafted for versatility, adventure and driving passion.

Carrinho de golfe Onward elevado para 4 passageiros
Carrinho de golfe Onward elevado para 4 passageiros
Carrinho de golfe Onward elevado para 4 passageiros
Carrinho de golfe Onward elevado para 4 passageiros
Carrinho de golfe Onward elevado para 4 passageiros
3D Views:
  • 18-19 mph
  • 2-6 seats
  • 13-29 horsepower




Carrinho de golfe elétrico para a frente não elevado para 6 passageiros DF


Carrinho de golfe elétrico para a frente levantado 6 passageiros DF


Storm Surge Onward Storm Surge Limited Edition

ONWARD Edições Especiais

Onward Features

Your custom golf cart can be built to your specifications and preferences with completely customizable options including color, seats, wheels, windshields, canopies, and everything in between, there are hundreds of ways to personalize your Onward.


As one of the only personal transportation vehicles constructed from an aluminum frame, the Onward is uniquely resistant to the elements. Plus, our metal flake paint and UV-tested components are specially formulated to resist fading.


Feel the difference in Club Car performance. Unique style, comfort grip, and enough leg room to enjoy your ride and driving experience.


On select Onward® models, an exclusive stability bar under the axle minimizes lateral wheelbase movement for greater confidence during turns.


Standard LED headlights, turn signals, and running lamps light your drive, make you more visible to traffic, and help to keep the fun going after sundown.


Room for more to enjoy the ride on 4 and 6 passenger models. The rear seat also flips out to reveal a rugged bed texture and space for moving your favorite gear. Club Car engineered products work hard to make everyday life better.


Available in gas, standard electric, AC-drive, and lithium so you’re able to choose what’s best for your lifestyle! Get the leading battery option with the High-Performance Lithium-Ion powered Onward, which delivers outstanding performance with increased hill-climbing power and acceleration. Maintenance-free battery with state of the art management system.

CRU NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle)

More than just street legal golf carts - they're high quality electric cars perfect for driving to the golf course, taking friends to your favorite neighborhood restaurant, going around any campus, or zipping to the gym for a workout.

Going to the course or just cruising around town - our street legal vehicles offer an ideal, environmentally friendly alternative. 

  • 25 mph
  • 6 seats
  • 30 horsepower

Product availability may vary by location. See authorized dealer for details.

Personal Utility

XRT Utility Vehicles

From the lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum frame to the four-wheel, hydraulic disc brakes, these heavy duty utility vehicles exude confidence and legendary Club Car quality. No trail, hunting trip, or cargo is too tough.

Carve your own path, explore new territory or just get the job done. Our dependable XRT series is built from the ground up to withstand the punishment of any rough terrain you face. 

XRT 1550 4x4 üûtìílìíty vëéhìíclëé
  • 17-25 mph
  • 2-4 seats
  • 13-20 horsepower


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