Power, Mobility, and Zero Emissions

A Penn State Case Study | Club Car 411

Penn State is a major, public, research University serving Pennsylvania and the global community with over 100,000 students per year. Penn State University was founded in 1855 in State College, PA and offers more than 275 baccalaureate degree programs across 24 campus locations — including a medical college, two law schools, and a school of graduate professional studies, plus an online World Campus.


The Penn State housing department currently oversees seven dormitories on the South Campus. The South Housing team was in need of a new sustainable electric vehicle that could tackle daily jobs servicing the dormitories. From furniture moving, equipment relocation and trash pick-up, the team at Penn State needed a vehicle that was versatile and powerful to tackle any job. The campus also has many small access roads so the vehicle needed increased mobility over a full size truck — nimble enough to access all buildings.



Since deploying the Club Car 411 in their fleet, the Penn State South Campus housing department has seen daily benefits over the previous gas powered utility truck. The Club Car 411 has enough battery capacity to last 2–3 days on a single charge. Switching to an electric truck has reduced operating expenses and helped contribute to Penn State’s push for more sustainable modes of transportation in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The vehicle has exhibited more than enough payload capacity to handle any job. The Club Car 411 is often used to move equipment and furniture between campus buildings. In addition to moving furniture equipment the vehicle is also used for trash removal. The Penn State team added side racks to the pick up mount to accommodate taller loads.Lastly, safety was a consideration in the purchase of the Club Car 411. The vehicle is a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) certified for public roads of 35mph or less. This certification ensures that occupants are safe with 3 point seatbelts and a rearview camera for enhanced visibility while reversing.

“The Club Car 411 has slotted into our fleet with ease. The electric drivetrain provides plenty of range on a single charge and the simplicity of charging at night. The size is perfect for our needs and its tight turning radius makes accessing dorms easier. The payload capacity has been able to handle any task the car has been asked to perform.” 
-James Ellis, Assistant Director of South Housing

The Club Car 411 has been seamlessly incorporated into the Penn State South Housing team’s fleet and allowed for reduced operating costs and environmental impact by switching to an electric vehicle. The 411 has the power to handle any job and the maneuverability to drive on the campus access roads.

The Club Car 411 continues to change the way campuses and facilities are deploying their fleet. The 411 provides sustainable electric transportation with the ability to replace full size trucks. See how Club Car 411 can improve your operations. For more information visit our Club Car 411 and Higher Education links below.