Club Car Connect

Game for More.

Elevate the course experience for guests of any age with Club Car Connect, and make running a successful operation easier for operators and managers.

Installed at over 1500 courses worldwide, Club Car Connect with Visage Fleet Management and Shark Experience is the industry-leading connectivity solution. Only from Club Car.

"You can take a look at the computer and work around the players on the course.  they're happy, and we're happy."

-Jerry West, Director of Operations, Old Edwards Club

moving the game forward

Mindful of tradition, but with a recognition that the game can be more, Club Car brings you a proven technology package offering an exclusive way to strengthen relationships with your golfers, increase revenue opportunities, and manage resources effectively and efficiently.

  • Before the Round

    Knowing your fleet's status prevents any issue that could hinder an excellent experience for your guests. Visage helps with:

    Car Assignment - Have a large group coming? Earmark the right amount of cars needed in advance. Need a marshall to enter an area that's otherwise prevented? Drop restrictions on his/her car only, and easily place them back once finished.

    Staging Mode - Know where each car is at all times, and even limit speeds to 2 mph until certain areas of the course are reached to prevent phantom rounds and possible abuse.

    Geo-fencing - Lock in areas from your office or tablet and makes changes as needed to keep cars out of sand traps, lakes, and roads and keep your cars and golfers safe.

  • During the Round

    While on the course, your guests are focused on their game and enjoying the extra benefits of Shark Experience, including:

    • Hole flyovers
    • Swing tips
    • Streaming music
    • Sports and news headlines
    • And more

    Meanwhile, you're able to keep players on schedule, carts on the path, and stay in touch with your guests with real-time vehicle tracking and messaging available through Visage Fleet Management.

  • After the Round

    Completion of the round means you need to know the car's status and have an easy way to capitalize of post-round revenue opportunities with guests. Do both:

    Offer a Deal - Giving golfers the latest information on bounce-back round specials or discounts at the grill or pro shop while they are headed to the clubhouse is perfect timing.

    Car Reporting - Monitor power consumption and ensure your car is ready for its next round with real-time diagnostics and reports. And if a car somehow leaves the property, Google Maps will track it down and pinpoint the location for you.

    Lock-Down Mode - Shut down the car remotely, preventing any potential vandalism or theft

An Editor's Choice

With its emphasis on innovating a game so any golfer can enjoy their time on the course even more, it's no wonder Golf Digest chose our Tempo fleet vehicle with Club Car Connect as a 2018 Editor's Choice.

Enjoy the benefits of a connected course today