Customize your campus fleet for maximum efficiency


The list of applications for utility vehicles on college and university campuses is seemingly endless. And life for a facilities manager means that no two days are the same, with tasks ranging from moving people and equipment to landscaping, medical transport, and general upkeep. Tack on the importance of vehicle sustainability and student safety, and efficient fleet management becomes even more critical. 

For years, though, America’s schools have employed a multitude of vehicles–of various makes and models–to meet their growing needs. As a result, many facilities teams end up with mismatched vehicles and equipment, each with its own service timeline, maintenance issues, and costs. 

“Given the demands of managing more space with fewer resources and at greater impact to the institution’s overall recruitment and retention goals, successful facilities departments are being pushed to develop creative responses to these challenges.”

—Mark Schiff, president of Sightlines, producer of annual “State of Facilities in Higher Education” report

If this sounds familiar, now is the time to review your fleet’s performance and consider working with a partner that can help maximize it. In our experience, effort spent up front to make an informed decision can save you time, money, and hassle down the road.

So how do you choose the right provider—one with the right assortment of vehicles to create more efficiency, boost productivity, and support your school’s brand with a seamless appearance? Start by considering your use cases, and how your partners’ vehicles do (or don’t) stack up to them. 


College campuses aren’t getting any smaller, which means there’s more space for which to care. With all the hard work involved in landscaping—including the transfer of equipment, supplies, and people—a tough yet versatile vehicle is a necessity. At Club Car, the Carryall 500 series or the new 411 are up to the challenge, with quiet, eco-friendly electric models that rival the payload and pickup of any gas-powered vehicle. 


Reliable, efficient people-movers will always be crucial to your facility management team’s success. Whether you’re offering rides to alumni or serving students with unique needs, the Club Car Transporter, Tempo 2+2, and Villager models are safe, comfortable, and spacious. Plus, they’re nimble enough to maneuver pedestrian thoroughfares with ease. 


Maintenance across campus requires uniquely durable vehicles with ample opportunities for customization, from tool storage to front attachments. Club Car’s 4x2 automotive-grade utility vehicles are purpose-built for tough jobs, with rustproof aluminum frames, gas EFI or electric engines, industry-leading strength, heavy-duty hauling, and more. Designed for hard work, these long-lasting utility vehicles help increase productivity and reduce downtime. 


A lot of food is served on campus every day. A lot of linens are washed, hundreds of rooms are cleaned and mopped, and shelves full of trophies are dusted. For these specialized crews, Club Car’s fit-to-task vehicles work perfectly: based on what we already know your teams need, we’ve removed the guesswork from vehicle customization, outfitting our fit-to-task series with exactly the right configurations from the get-go. 

Safety & Security

Your security team has its own specific needs, and our compact line of Carryall LSVs is equipped to meet them with enclosed cabs, easy maneuverability, onboard chargers (in electric models), light packages, a tight turning radius with high ground clearance, and more. These street-legal vehicles are also engineered to expand access to narrow paths and other areas where standard trucks or vans can’t go.

Ready for a new partner?

When you have a mix of manufacturers in your fleet, it can be a tall task to maintain your vehicles in a cost-effective manner. This is where a customized, single-source fleet becomes your team’s strongest ally. With Club Car as a partner, you’ll benefit from the forward-thinking approach of our design team and the hands-on, customer-focused support of our sales team. We’ll provide a single point of contact, ready and able to help with your entire fleet. And most important of all, we’ll align with your organization’s overall goals to make sure they’re met, from our first engagement through the duration of our partnership.