Connected Car Technology

Game for More.

Elevate the course experience for guests of any age with Club Car Connect, and make running a successful operation easier for operators and managers.

Installed at over 1500 courses worldwide, Club Car Connect with Visage Fleet Management is the industry-leading connectivity solution. Only from Club Car.


moving the game forward

Mindful of tradition, but with a recognition that the game can be more, Club Car brings you a proven technology package offering an exclusive way to strengthen relationships with your golfers, increase revenue opportunities, and manage resources effectively and efficiently.

Golf Operations

Take Control Of Your Fleet

Visage Fleet Management with Car Control from Club Car includes smart connected features that protect your investment and your golfers’ experience. Control any vehicle from anywhere by using the web or mobile platform to access the VCC to give you peace of mind. Enhance your course and operational efficiency with the next gen Visage offering from Club Car Connect.

Club Car Connectivity on smartphone
  • LOCK OR UNLOCK your entire fleet or selected vehicle, at any time.
  • SET DESIGNATED PATHS to keep cars from venturing off into restricted areas, and also turn cart path only rules on or off.
  • AUTOMATICALLY SLOW CARS DOWN in certain areas such as parking lots, downhill paths, and sharp turn areas with car speed control.
  • KEEP CARS OUT OF HAZARDS, including lakes, creeks and bunkers, by setting no go zones, which can be changed as needed.
 Fleet Management.

  • Visage web-based reporting gives you a real-time picture of each vehicle, so you can address service issues before they become emergencies, reducing downtime and repair costs. 


  • With all course data in one location, you can better manage your overall operations, inform decisions that will improve play and experience, and ensure all resources are utilized to their full potential.

Car Tracking

Visage allows you to keep track of your fleet 24-7.

  • Pace of Play Tracking and Reporting - Monitor and improve pace of play by directly messaging golfers or alerting on-course Marshals to pace challenges or backups.
  • Vehicle Drive History – Leverage detailed views of time-stamped vehicle drive history to hold reckless drivers accountable for any accidents that happen.
  • Real-time Messaging to and from clubhouse - Send weather warnings or promotional messages to your golfers; the interactive touch screen allows golfers to message the Beverage Cart which can increase F&B profit

Car Control

Regulate where cars can travel across the course, protecting your assets and grounds from damage.

Knowing your fleet's status prevents any issue that could hinder an excellent experience for your guests. Visage helps with:

Car Assignment - Have a large group coming? Earmark the right amount of cars needed in advance. Need a marshall to enter an area that's otherwise prevented? Drop restrictions on his/her car only, and easily place them back once finished.

Staging Mode - Know where each car is at all times, and even limit speeds to 2 mph until certain areas of the course are reached to prevent phantom rounds and possible abuse.

Geo-fencing - Use Visible Action Zones to lock in areas from your office or tablet and make changes as needed to keep cars out of sand traps, lakes, and roads and keep your cars and golfers safe.

Golf car tracking for golf course operators

car tracking

  • Real-time vehicle position
  • Pace of play
  • Vehicle drive history
  • Locate a car functionality
  • Real-time messaging
Golf car control for golf course operators

car control

  • NEW - Visible Action Zone speed control
  • Action zone messaging
  • Fleet lockdown
  • Geofencing
  • Cart path only
  • Anti-tamper functionality
  • Set maximum speeds
  • In-car notifications
Golf car power management for golf course operators


  • Included free in Car Tracking or Car Control modules
  • Real-time battery status
  • On-charge status
  • Low battery notifications
  • Fault code notifications
  • Odometer
  • Amp hours reporting
  • Charge faults/interrupts
Club Car Connectivity with distance to pin


  • Golf Genius - Tournament Scoring
  • Tournament Connect
  • Food and Beverage

Golfer Experience


Today’s golfers rely on technology now more than ever before. Designed to enhance and enrich the golfer experience, Visage delivers next-generation technology that includes a best-in-class user interface with enhanced 3D graphics, slope-adjusted GPS yardages, and high-performance Bluetooth speakers that outperform today’s wide array of handheld or wearable devices.

  • NEW 10” LCD DISPLAY with a built-for-purpose capacitive touchscreen delivering tablet-like responsive touch and pinch, zoom and swipe functionality.
  • ENHANCED COURSE GRAPHICS with full-screen 3D resolution providing richer details and course elevation perspective.
  • IMPROVED GPS YARDAGE AND DETAILED GREENS MAPS with linear and slope-adjusted distances to pins, hazards, and points of interest for improved player scoring.
  • UPGRADED IN-CAR ENTERTAINMENT with intuitive Bluetooth pairing, an embedded media player and improved speaker performance to engage golfers on a whole new level.

While on the course, your guests are focused on their game and enjoying the extra benefits of Visage. Meanwhile, you're able to keep players on schedule, carts on the path, and stay in touch with your guests with real-time vehicle tracking and messaging available through Visage Fleet Management.

Tempo Golf Carts with Club Car Connect and Visage

Streamline Pin Placement with ezLocator and Club Car Connect

ezLocator integration with Visage

The all-new ezLocator and Club Car Connect integration enables daily exact pin position for golfers and streamlines golf operations. The integration of ezLocator further simplifies the day to day management of your golf course with automatically updated pin locations from ezLocator to Club Car Connected vehicles. Add Club Car Connect with ezLocator  to your course for perfect pin placement every single day. 

  • For the Golfer - Delivers the most precise GPS yardages in the industry, smoother greens, and lower scores!
  • For the Superintendent - Saves time and money on course setup!
  • For the Golf Professional - Automatically downloads, saves time, and eliminates human error.