Why Club Car Used Golf carts?


With over 65 years in the industry, Club Car has built a name and reputation based on crafting the most durable and reliable vehicles on the market. These cars are assembled in Evans, GA where Club Car provides countless jobs to the area and surrounding communities.

Club Car products are assembled in the USA


Club Car vehicles deliver superior ride quality and handling due to meticulous engineering which provides enhanced stability and safety. This means you can count on a smooth and comfortable ride, year after year.


The Club Car dealer network is second to none, supporting you over the lifetime of your vehicle. It’s common to see Club Car vehicles still on the road after decades of use. This is why they retain the best resale value and longevity in the industry when you trade up and trade in for your next Club Car vehicle

Club Car Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles


From the ground up, Club Car Certified Pre-Owned vehicles have been upfitted and revitalized with brand new hardware and components. All of these upgrades are built and backed by the Club Car legacy of crafting the most durable and long lasting vehicles in the market.


Club Car Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles are built on a multi-tiered “better" or "best” platform. These upfittings include everything from wheel assemblies to lights, body panels, canopies with windshields, and more.

Available models: used 2 & 4 passenger Tempos, lifted and non-lifted.

Available with electric powertrains: Lithium or flooded lead acid.


Club Car Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles are backed by a 2-year warranty providing you superior protection and peace of mind. Optional extended warranty is available. See your authorized dealer for details.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Financing

Club Car has partnered with DLL to offer fixed installment loan options** including:

  • 6.99% for 48 months on Certified Pre-Owned vehicles

Apply online by clicking here.

**USA customers only. Please see additional information under Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement on the Application Form.

Example: Better, Best Upfitting

Red used Tempo 4 passenger golf cart
TEMPO 4-PASSENGER Used golf cart platform "better" Used golf carts platform "best"
 Typical price, non-lifted w/FLA batteries $7,500 to $9,200
 Typical price, lifted w/FLA batteries $8,500 to $10,500
 New Body Panels Basic
 New Seats, incl. rear facing Basic Premium
 New Rear Underbody  green checkmark  green checkmark
 New Wheels / Tires  green checkmark  green checkmark
 New Rear Heavy-Duty Suspension  green checkmark  green checkmark
 New Batteries (applicable to Flooded Lead Acid vehicles only)   green checkmark  green checkmark
 New Canopy green checkmark
 green checkmark
 New Windshield Clear Tinted
 New Lighting Package Basic Premium
 New Sound Bar   green checkmark 
 New Locking Glove Box   green checkmark 
 Two-Year Manufacturer's Warranty green checkmark  green checkmark 

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