Driving around the course gets a little bit easier in the 1960s when Club Car produced the first golf car with a steering wheel.

Many celebrities, including Sam Snead and Jackie Gleason, could be seen riding some of the first Club Car vehicles available.

The first golf utility vehicle was also created for easier course maintenance, via welding a cargo box onto a golf car.


Bill Stevens, Sr. bought Landreath Machine, based in Dallas, TX, and moved it to Augusta, GA in 1962, and Club Car officially began production.

The founder and his son, Bill, Jr., drove to the 1962 PGA Show in Dunedin, FL in six days.


The Club Car DS is created by Dom Saporito and quickly takes off due to ease of maintenance and longstanding durability. It quickly becomes the flagship car of the golf industry and propels Club Car to international prominence.

The Carryall II is also introduced in 1985, the first of its modern-day utility vehicles for commercial use.


The decade is marked by many developments

First overhead valve engine, the FE290, is produced in 1992

Custom Solutions department created to create on-demand vehicles specific to customer needs

ArmorFlex, an advanced polymer that maintains better color and gives higher resale value, debuts

Cafe Express mobile merchandising vehicle debuts


The 1,000,000th car rolls off the production line, a DS golf car carrying one of the "original eight" investors.

The Precedent i2 is launched in 2004, a new fleet golf car based on five years of research and development that quickly sets the standard for style and comfort.

That same year, the Carryall 295 is introduced, Club Car's first 4WD utility vehicle.

In 2008, the Excel Drive System boosts car efficiency and control, creating a stronger driving experience.

The Villager 2+2 LSV is introduced to consumers, allowing for comfortable travel through neighborhoods, downtown, and more as low-speed, street-legal vehicles increase in popularity.


In 2010, Club Car elevated the golfing experience with the new Connected technology system, highlighted by Visage and its 3D course flyovers, fleet management software, and many more features.

On Earth Day in 2010, the 2,000,000th car, a zero-emissions LSV, rolled off the Club Car production line.

The Carryall line of vehicles underwent a transformation, revealing best-in-class ergonomics, increased carrying capacity and ground clearance, and higher-efficiency systems.

A new fleet golf car is introduced in the Precedent i3, boasting on-board GPS, car tracking, and more through the Visage Fleet Management system. It goes on to win multiple Best Golf Car awards from Golf Digest.

The Onward® debuted in early 2017, allowing people to choose colors, seats, wheels, and many accessories to build their preferred Club Car completely online and showcase their style around the neighborhood, park, or pool.

Club Car acquires GPSi, previously a partner in developing the Visage Fleet Management system.

A partnership with Greg Norman Company and Verizon was announced for the Shark Experience in 2017, as well as the new Tempo fleet golf car with a more automotive look and feel.