Carryall 710 LSV 

Powerful and perfectly sized, giving you the benefits of a pickup without the price.

Carryall 710 LSV
Carryall 710 LSV

The Carryall 710 LSV does everything a full-size pickup can do – and more. It’s powerful and perfectly sized, with a nearly 6-foot long cargo bed and 1,250-pound total vehicle capacity, yet has the ability to maneuver into tight spaces where larger vehicles just can’t travel.

Carryall 710 LSV is a truck without the price, thanks to an environmentally-friendly, zero-emissions, all-electric powertrain that is economical to operate while delivering 21 peak horsepower and a top speed of 25 mph – and an on-board charger that equips you with the power to tackle almost any job.


Carryall 710 lsv



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