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Resort utility needs are easily met with Club Car


If you operate a resort fleet, you’ve got a lot riding on the decisions you make. Grounds and buildings to maintain, guests to transport, rooms to clean and food to deliver. You’re also juggling budgetary, safety, and sustainability issues - you don't have time to become a transport vehicle expert!


Club Car’s sales professionals, however, are. They're ready to help you develop a strategic, comprehensive plan that enables you do more with less. By helping you determine the right mix of vehicles and accessories, you can cut costs, boost sustainability and stabilize a monthly transportation budget.

Should problems arise, you have a single, knowledgeable contact with a vested interest in your property. There’s no cost for the service, whether the plan is across your department, property or enterprise.


Need a custom answer to your challenge? Then let our Custom Solutions department create the perfect vehicle for you. No matter what your challenges, our vehicles are perfect for a variety of applications:


Facilities and Grounds Maintenance. Our Carryall® utility vehicles work like pickup trucks, eliminate or reduce emissions and improve versatility. Our street-legal Carryall® LSVs (low speed vehicles) also carry the load, even off site.


People Movers. Safely move two to eight guests or employees in comfort in our dependable Villager™ LSVs and Transporter™ transport vehicles.


Housekeeping. Cut labor, maintenance and energy costs with Carryall utility vehicles or street-legal Carryall LSVs.


Hospitality. Increase food and beverage revenue with our new Café Express Hospitality Vehicle.

Slash Your Total Cost of Ownership

Club Car vehicles are engineered to:


• Put your sustainability program into overdrive with reliable, zero-emissions electric utility, transport and low speed vehicles with heavy-duty controllers and motors that deliver the power of gasoline vehicles.


• Cut downtime with our exclusive on-board chargers with retractable cords. They keep charging during power swings and issue audio and visual alerts to prevent user errors.


• Cut fuel and maintenance costs and boost sustainability with our Subaru overhead cam engine with electronic fuel injection (EFI) with the industry’s best warranty.  


• Stop rust and extend the life of your fleet with our exclusive rustproof, corrosion-resistant, aircraft-grade aluminum frame.


• Enjoy fit-to-task versatility with our VersAttach™ track-based attachment system that protects gear, frees floor space and reduces round trips.


• Eliminate 4x4 driver training and reduce maintenance costs with our IntelliTrak™ all-wheel drive system that senses the ground it’s on and shifts automatically.



Move to the head of the class with our energy-efficient utility, transport and street-legal low speed vehicles.


Industrial Rentals

Reduce downtime with our heavy-duty, rental-ready, two- and four-passenger 4x4s backed by a dedicated rental support team.




Simplify purchasing on durable vehicles to maintain your facilities or grounds, move crews or secure your site.