street legal low speed vehicles

Get around any campus or work site with less fuel and zero emissions.

Street legal low speed vehicle (LSV) for work

These quiet, zero-emissions electric vehicles cost pennies a day to operate, but do the work of a small truck. They’re also purpose-built for work on rustproof, corrosion-resistant, aircraft-grade aluminum frames that stand right up to the water, salt and chemicals often used on resorts and campuses.

Forty-eight volt battery packs and 400-amp solid-state controllers deliver a total vehicle capacity of up to 1,050 lbs. (476 kg), making Carryall LSVs great for work on colleges, resorts, government sites and other operations.

They also accommodate our VersAttach™ bed-based attachment system with optional tool holders, bed dividers and cargo tie downs. The system increases versatility, frees bed space and reduces round trips.

For something for transport, try our Villager LSVs, built with an emphasis on a smooth ride and premium comfort with speeds up to 24 mph. They're perfect for campus or realtor tours, auto dealerships, and much more.

Carryall 510 lsv

Truck-like performance coupled with the economy and versatility only a street-legal electric vehicle can deliver.

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Carryall 710 lsv

Need more capacity? Add a six-foot long bed to and you have a heavy-duty work vehicle that can travel nearly anywhere.

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villager 2 lsv

Expand your area of operations, lower energy and maintenance expenses, and eliminate carbon emissions – all at once.

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villager 2+2 lsv

Affordable and efficient, with a rear-facing back seat that folds into a cargo bed for extended application.

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Carryall has legendary reliability and zero emissions

Legendary Reliability, Zero Emissions

The most reliable and cost-effective utility vehicles in the industry have been equipped to be street legal on many roads posted at 35 mph or less. The Carryall street-legal LSV line boasts a tough, dependable AC drive system and 1/2 ton vehicle capacity for those demanding jobs.  And the Villager LSVs can comfortably transport up to four passengers. No matter what you choose, you'll elevate your team - and budget - efficiency.


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