When you purchase a Club Car vehicle, you're not just buying a product. You're buying years of history, research, and product innovation.

That's why it's important to remember every Club Car vehicle is the sum of its quality parts. Keeping your Club Car in top condition year after year is a wise investment! The best way to maintain your vehicle - and maximize its value - is through Genuine Club Car Parts, Accessories & Service, all of which are precision-crafted to our strict specifications for quality.

Contact your nearest authorized dealer to ensure the highest quality parts and service you can count on.


You’re busy with hundreds of tasks. Club Car Service Solutions takes fleet maintenance (and detailed record-keeping) off your to-do list, saving you unnecessary costs, helping prevent slowed pace of play and minimizing the risk of accidents.



Driving a Club Car is fun. Making it your perfect ride? Even better. Lift kits, speaker systems, wheels, fold down seats, and much more are waiting for your personal touch.

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Getting the right vehicle to tackle your many tasks can be tough. With Club Car, we remove the guesswork with our decades of expertise and inudstry-leading utility vehicles.

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Providing the best experience for your guests and staff alike is made simpler with our industry-leading innovation and world-class turf and fleet vehicles.

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What makes Club Car a truly superior company goes far beyond the product. It's in the way we do business. It's in local distribution backed by global support. It's having the parts you need when you need them. It's providing solutions instead of problems. It's going the extra mile to serve you better.

Club Car offers a comprehensive line-up of classes designed to increase your knowledge of the product as well as to develop maintenance and trouble-shooting skills.  Factory Technical Training Seminars on Club Car electric and gasoline vehicles are held at the Augusta manufacturing facility twice a year, please email [email protected].

Dates and additional information on these and other classes are available at any Authorized Club Car Dealer or by contacting Club Car directly.