personal golf cart accessories

club car tires

Your look, your style. And it starts with a durable, safe tire to highlight your car.

We understand a great tire produces a better driving experience, but it has to look the part, too. All of our tires meet stringent standards for stability and durability and feature premium compounds for increased tread life.

loadstar® tire

Loadstar by Kenda presents the highest ground clearance for a golf cart without using a lift kit and boasts an industry-proven tread pattern to go with a different look.

c254 tire

The C254, which gives a lower street profile on your Club Car to go with higher on-street performance...with 12" wheels.

kraken® tire

Kraken features a tread pattern that provides off-road grip while reducing road noise. It's also ozone tested, weather-rot resistant, and pairs well on our approved lift kits.

Morpheus Tire

Morpheus golf cart tires are designed to provide a turf-friendly option for lifted Onward vehicles. The edgy design compliments the overall look. Additionally, the automotive steel belted radial minimizes road noise and vibrations for an incredibly smooth and quiet ride.

Kruizer Tire

Our new steel belted radial Kruizer tire provides an incredibly smooth ride. Featuring our flashy 12" Athena wheel in three finishes.

See dealer for part # and pricing based upon wheel choice.