XRT1550 with Intellitach

Combine the world-class feature set of the XRT1550 with the revolutionary IntelliTach, our quick-change tool attachment system.

XRT 1550 IntelliTach farm utility vehicle

Built to withstand the punishment of rough terrain, the XRT1550 is designed to thrive in even the toughest conditions. From the lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum frame to the four-wheel, hydraulic disc brakes, the 1550 exudes confidence and quality.

And you won’t have to sacrifice comfort, either, thanks to our exclusive 13-position adjustable driver's seat and a front suspension with coil-over shocks that will enhance your ride and reduce tire wear.


XRT1550 IntelliTach farm utility vehicle with plow

IntelliTach System

Get more from your vehicle with IntelliTach, our exclusive hydraulic-powered quick-change attachment system. A mounting plate works with three attachments – bucket, pallet fork, and blade  – with a quick-release handle to lock and unlock the connection, making it the ultimate farm utility vehicle.

IntelliTrak Automatic All-Wheel-Drive

Rough terrain? No problem. Our automatic all-wheel drive system senses the ground you're on and shifts gears as needed without the need to stop and engage a locking differential. With IntelliTrak, just select "forward" or "reverse" and the system does the rest.

XRT1550 with Plow


XRT1550 with intellitach 



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