Remanufactured Precedent XF 2in1 

Our versatile multi-person transport vehicle transforms into a cargo-carrying hauler with rear wrap-around restraint system.

Remanufactured Precedent XF 2in1

Where style and substance meet

The 48-volt XF series of remanufactured transport vehicles are Club Car dependable. This four-passenger Precedent 2 Plus 1 has a folding rear seat that gives you the option of carrying passengers or cargo.

Our 12-stage remanufacturing process ensures your vehicle will deliver style and peace of mind. Trained technicians break down each car to its aluminum chassis and inspect every component and system. The XF series of transport vehicles are test driven and assigned new serial numbers, signifying that they meet strict quality standards.


AlumiCore™ Frame

Rustproof AlumiCore™ Frame

An Aluminum Frame for Longer Life. Most golf cars are still built on steel frames, which can corrode. Club Car golf cars are built on our AlumiCore™ frame. This light frame is rustproof even in salt air, and it’s shaped to be more impact resistant than steel. It preserves the life of your car and enhances its stability, ride and performance.

Excel™ Electrical System

How do you gain power by slowing down? Our Excel™ Electrical System does just that, with regenerative braking that captures and stores energy during stopping. Just another reason why Club Car delivers the most innovative vehicles in the business.

Excel™ Electrical System
SportDrive™ Steering

SportDrive™ Steering & Suspension

On the golf course or on the street, your Club Car will handle and maneuver like a sports car, thanks to our innovative SportDrive™ Steering & Suspension system. The automobile inspired chassis, steering and front and rear suspension deliver a confident, comfortable ride.

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