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Help golfers rediscover the beauty of your course with Tempo™ Walk, a hands-free, autonomous caddie that offers GPS yardage, carries bags, coolers, and other accessories.

When golfers don't have to worry about pushing and pulling a handcart or carrying their clubs, they can focus on everything that first attracted them to the game: the traditions, strategy, competition, and friendship found in a foursome.

Tempo Walk hands-free caddy, from Club Car

the anytime caddie

Caddies and cars will always have a place in the game. Tempo Walk combines the best that both have to offer by using technology to bring back the simplicity of the game in an exciting, revenue-generating way.

The Tempo Walk is a smart way to build new relationships with golfers, improve the pace of play, and generate excitement across the course.

Tempo Walk on a fairway, from Club Car


Experience and reliability have taken a new form. Meet the all-new Tempo.

Tempo 4Fun

Fully loaded with automotive styling and standard features that feel like upgrades.


Control costs, simplify course operations, and bring new excitement to the game.


Customize your fleet with the right accessories, ensuring everyone has what they need.