vehicles for all Government functions

From two- and automatic four-wheel drive Carryall® work utility vehicles to people movers to street-legal low speed vehicles (LSVs) for work or transport, we  meet the needs of virtually any government agency, from military bases to utilities to parks and recreation departments and more.

Sustainability Plus

As the world’s largest manufacturer of small four-wheel electric vehicles, we offer powerful zero-emissions models that boost sustainability and performance.

Our electric vehicles feature 48-volt battery packs and most have 500-amp controllers, most powerful among industry-standard offerings. Many competitive vehicles have 350- or 400-amp controllers that don’t carry or tow as much weight.

You’ll also enjoy our smart, on-board chargers with reel retractors that help prevent user errors and charge at any 110-volt outlet.

transportation strategy

Our trained Transportation Solutions Experts will audit your fleet and create a Comprehensive Transportation Strategy for your department or site. And our contract with Omnia Partners, a government purchasing cooperative, simplifies purchasing and lets your eliminate the lengthy request for proposal process.

Choose from flexible purchase and lease options, including tax-free municipal leasing designed for government entities.