carryall 500

Versatile, rugged, and a popular choice for many jobs.

Carryall 500
Carryall 500

jack of all trades

One of the most versatile work utility vehicles on the market, this ride has the power to replace pickup trucks at a fraction of the cost.

With a total vehicle capacity of 1,200 lbs (544 kg), it tackles heavy work without breaking a sweat.  Available with gasoline or zero-emissions electric powertrains

It features a rustproof aircraft grade aluminum frame, chassis and cargo box along with best-in-class ergonomics. From its sturdy front bumper to its flatbed cargo box with industrial van box options, the Carryall 500 is the perfect solution for your industrial and commercial jobs.


VersAttach makes utility vehicle accessories even easier with its flexibility on many Club Car vehicles


No team ever has just one job to do – it's a series of tasks with different needs for each. Having the right tools available at all times speeds up work and reduces travel time.

Our VersAttach™ bed attachment system offers the perfect solution, providing security for tools so they don't get damaged while traveling and making it easy to carry mutliple pieces of equipment at once wherever you need to go.

Available on the Carryall 300, 500, 550, and 700. Talk to an authorized Club Car dealer to learn more.


Carryall 500 

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